2G Network Closure

Aspera Mobile would like to inform you of Australian 2G mobile network closures which may affect users of Aspera mobile phones.

Telstra switched off their 2G mobile network in December 2016.

Optus switched off their 2G mobile network in Western Australia and Northern Territory on 3rd April 2017, and plan to switch off their 2G mobile network in all other states and territories on 1st August 2017.

Vodafone state that they will switch off their 2G mobile network on 30th September 2017.

Many mobile users will be affected by these closures, including users of Aspera mobile phones that connect on 2G frequencies in certain areas. If you find that your mobile phone is not connecting to the network after the key switch off dates of Optus and Vodafone, we recommend activating a Telstra sim card service to work with your Aspera mobile phone.

Aspera Mobile has/had no control or any input on the network closures or any announcement made by the network providers.

Aspera Mobile claims no responsibility for the 2G network closures and cannot be held liable for refunds or replacement handsets due to 2G Network closure.

For more information regarding 2G mobile network closures please visit the links below.


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Telstra 2G Network Closure

Optus 2G Network Closure

Vodafone 2G Network Closure

Virgin Mobile 2G Network Closure



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