Welcome to Aspera Mobile. We are an Australian brand and company based in Sydney and we thank you for your interest in our products.

At Aspera we are focused on more than just the latest in mobile technology. We think about how mobile devices and mobile networks can be used to enhance our everyday lives, and find solutions for what people really require in a mobile device.

This is why our product range now includes 3 distinct categories

Smart Phones – our focus here is providing value for money solutions in smartphones. Our latest release include the Wren and Swift with 4G/3G frequencies on board meaning it will work on all Australian and New Zealand mobile networks.

Easy Phones – Aspera Easy Phones cater for those who prefer a simple phone with physical keypad, mostly using the device for calls and messaging.

Including features such as camera, Bluetooth and radio provide useful functionality without needing to step up to a smartphone. Picture messaging, texting and playing music are all useful additions to the basic calling function.

Our latest Easy phone releases are the classic flip designs F42, and F40. Both models are 4G so they work on the Australian 4G/3G mobile networks.

Rugged Phones – Aspera rugged phones are for mobile users who need a high level of protection for their device due to their workplace or active life. Constructed with durability in mind all Aspera rugged devices have a minimum Ingress Protection (IP) 67 rating against the effects of non-corrosive liquids and dust particles.

Common design features of the range include body joins that are re-enforced with screws, protective seals over charging port, speaker, mic and earphone jack, toughened scratch resistant glass and rugged outer body for shock absorption.

Our rugged phone releases include our 4G models R9, R40, R8 and R7, and the 3G models R30 and R32.

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