How do I insert the SIM?

Click HERE to see instruction on how to insert a sim into Aspera AS-10.

Please note a new window will pop up with Aspera AS-10 user guide, please navigate to page 15 of this user guide.

How long should I charge the Aspera AS-10?

To get maximum performance out of your Aspera AS-10 battery, we recommend charging the phone when it’s below 20%, and to never leave the phone plugged in charging overnight if possible.

Unplug the charging cord once the battery is at 100%.

Does the Aspera AS-10 work on all Australian networks?

The Aspera AS-10 is certified to work on all Australian 4G and 3G networks.

Is the Aspera AS-10 locked to any networks?

The Aspera AS-10 is not locked to any network, and will work with all Australian Telecom providers.

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