How do I answer a call when the screen is locked?

When there is an incoming call, press the green dial button to answer the call. Press the red hang-up button to decline the call.

How do I unlock the screen?

From a black screen hold the power button/red dial button to turn on the phone.  Once the phone has been turned on, press the red dial button and the phone should unlock.

If you have implemented a password to the phone, put your password in and after press the central key to unlock the phone.

What size SIM does my phone take?

The Aspera R8 uses the Micro SIM (12mm x 15mm). Please use the supplied SIM adapters where necessary.

Does the Aspera F30 work on every Australian network?

Yes, The Aspera F30 will work on all Australian 4G and 3G networks and Is not locked to any networks.

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